My Body is the Body of the Goddess

I was in circle once a long time ago and our leader was called out suddenly. One of the women among us, Rebekah, began a song. One by one myself and the women lying around me on the floor began to sing along with her. Soon we were humming, and harmonizing, singing and swaying as we allowed the words of this chant to infuse our very bodies with the truth of it's words. I sing this very often to myself to bless me when I most need it.

My body is the body of the Goddess
My body is the body of the Goddess
My body is a living temple of love
My body is a living temple fo love

This song is like the soothing waves of the sea to me. I sing it over and over again until I know I am this Goddess of love and holiness, until all shame and guilt wash away, until I know beyond knowing ~ in that deep river beneath the river of my soul ~ that I am bright, white, pure, holy, blessed, sacred, Woman.

May You Know This Feeling,