The Red Tent at MotherRoots

Women are meeting every month on or near the new moon, all over the country to honor the natural rhythms and cycles of women and to celebrate and bless our common bond as women.

Red Tents or Moon Lodges are offered so that we can collectively create spaces where women can heal, rest, renew themselves, connect with other women and enjoy that magic of being with other women. It is a time out of time; a sacred place where a woman can be herself without any demands on her at all.

Our Red Tent has simple but nurturing activities for women to choose from while they rest in the Red Tent; there is a prayer bowl, Goddess oracles and other divination tools, a Red Tent journal, art projects and stacks of great books.

Some women come to rest, to nap, to dance, to sing, to heal, to renew.

We have a storyteller's chair for those who would like to share their wisdom with us and a word-of-mouth table where you can spread the news about events or places that are important to you.

We will offer you home made soup, light snacks and hot herbal teas to nurture your belly and/or your womb.

Here are some of the things women bring with them: their journals, handcrafts or artwork, books, candles, sacred oils, snacks to nourish, songs or stories to share with others. It is also very freeing to come with nothing but your Goddess self!

Our Red Tent is non-denominational. If you have ever menstruated, you are welcome to come!

A talking circle will be held at about 8pm. If you arrive during this time, please join us in circle quietly. You will be welcomed! The rest of the time will be left unstructured to allow the evening to flow organically.

Bring your mothers, your sisters, your aunts, your daughters, your friends and co-workers. I would like to especially welcome our young, newly bleeding women and the women-elders in our community!

The Red Tent events are always free and open to all women regardless of ability to pay however we are suggesting a $5 donation for those that are able to give. Your loving donations will keep the Red Tent going!

Volunteers Needed

We are all volunteers here. Would you like to volunteer to bring home made soup or stew to the Red Tent this month? Do you have a delicious dessert you want to bless us with? Nourishing herbal teas to share?

We also welcome dancers, musicians, storytellers who might want to share for a few minutes with us during the Red Tent! Contact me if you can help us in this way.

Thank You!

Please email me, Melissa Potter, if you have any questions, at and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

For the sake of privacy, directions will be given when you let me know that you are coming.

Red Blessings,